Posted January 16, 2014

Arkansas State player Markel Owens killed during robbery

Arkansas State Red Wolves
Markel Owens played in 11 games for the 8-5 Red Wolves this season.

Defensive lineman Markel Owens played in 11 games for the 8-5 Red Wolves last season. (Arkansas State/AP)

An Arkansas State football player was shot and killed on Wednesday night during a robbery in his hometown of Jackson, Tenn., the Red Wolves confirmed on Thursday.

According to a report from the The Jackson Sun, Markel Owens, a junior defensive lineman, was shot and killed along with his stepfather, Johnny Shivers, during the robbery. Jackson Police Department Capt. Tyreece Milller told the Sun that Owens attempted to defend his family from a group of men who had followed them home.

“I think Mr. Owens had just arrived home minutes before this happened,” Miller said. “After interviewing the witnesses about what happened, we believe there was an initial struggle between Shivers and one of the men. We believe Owens attempted to protect his family or defend his mother and stepfather. He could have perhaps saved his mother’s life.”

Owens’ mother was also shot, but was treated and released on Wednesday night from Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, the report states.

Investigators have learned that Shivers was arriving home when he was rushed by two masked men and forced inside the apartment. The robbers demanded money, and a struggle ensued. Owens and his mother were inside the apartment. During the struggle, Owens helped Shivers and began fighting one of the men. Shivers and Owens were both shot during the struggle, police said.

Police have said they believe the robbers were targeting Shivers and that marijuana was found inside Shivers’ home.

Owens was a three-year letterman at Arkansas State. He appeared in 11 games last season, making four tackles, including one for loss. In a statement, Red Wolves athletic director Terry Mohajir said the university is mourning his loss.

“Our worst fears were realized as an athletics department after being notified early this morning about the unfortunate news about Markel,” said Mohajir. “We’re deeply saddened and our utmost sympathies go out to his family, teammates and classmates. Please join me in prayer for so many people who are being impacted by the loss of Markel.”

Arkansas State coach Blake Anderson said Owens was a big part of the program.

“Markel was a part of our Red Wolves family, and it is obvious he was a well-liked and respected member of our team who will be missed,” said Anderson. “We are doing everything possible to comfort his teammates, and we extend our compassion to his family during this difficult time.”

According to a report from KARK Channel 4 News in Little Rock, Ark., the investigation into the murders is ongoing. “Police say the only suspect information they have is that the two masked men were black and that they possibly left in the scene in a white Honda Civic,” the report states.


13 percent of the population...53 percent of crime...


More Black crime! Wheres Jesse, Obama, and Al Ha, ha, ha. Snicker, snicker.,


Hope they catch the suspects.....RIP


Huh... they were black... I would have never suspected that.


This is horrible, horrible news. 


@JamesJoyce   And the kid that lost his life trying to protect his family was black.   It's as if people can be either good or bad regardless of the color of their skin.  You would have never suspected that either though, now would you?


@JamesJoyceHey everybody, look, a silly little troll, posted by someone who gets off by saying dumb things in the hope that people will talk to him.  He begs that you pay attention to him, and reply angrily to his comment, and maybe get a like or two from other similarly minded idiots, so that he can feel important, and for a few minutes he can forget what a sad, pathetic life he leads in the real world.


@JamesJoyce As a white dude I can say that white people are the ones who usually commit the most disgusting and absurd crimes, while being responsible for the large majority of school and public shootings.  


@DanMcDermott @JamesJoyce It's not really about that. It's more about people seeing  that as an individual committing a crime and don't really see his color as an issue. When a black person does it then it's the whole race's fault and the color aspect is what's on their minds. JamesJoyce would not have posted if the crime had been done by a non-black person. Same with most of the other race-baiting posters.


@Willmac7496@JamesJoyce   Because he's a realist and NOT a racist. 14% of blacks make up America yet they commit a disproportionate amount of murders. This taken from national murder statistics.

Blacks who commit homicide do so at a rate about 7.5 times larger than whites who commit homicide. The trend in black homicide correlates well with the change in overall homicide. This disparity also exists for other crimes: blacks commit them at about 7-10 times the rates of whites.

Not all blacks are criminals and murderer's but % wise far more are. That was his point. Sad but true.


@Willmac7496@ARODFAN@ll316@JamesJoyce Just cause I'm an AROD fan is a STUPID reason not to take me seriously. He deserves a suspension just not a crucifixion. Simply making a comment on a comment made. I agree this was not the forum for the comment but it doesn't change thae fact that it has basis in truth.


@ARODFAN @ll316 @JamesJoyce Arodfan I cannot take you seriously because you are an Arod fan.  However, do you really think this is the time, or place for that matter, to talk about statistics and politics? That was my point. And the way @JamesJoyce  stated that was demeaning and is the root of many of our problems in out country today.


@EasyGoer @ARODFAN nicely put, how they all forget that. they are just as bad as the Nazis were! oh they claimed to found America ha!! How many lives they took to claim it!? LOTS!!


@ctou86@ARODFAN@Willmac7496@JamesJoyce You know not what you speak. No one said the color of one'e skin dictates whether or not they will commit a crime. Cold hard fact - blacks commit far more crimes than white's or other races. People want to make excuses for many because of social or economic reasons but that's a falsehood. Too many black children born out of wedlock, growing up with poor education and a culture that promotes violence. Just look at all the "knockout" games showing blacks knocking out predominately white Jewish people. I am NOT a racist. I wrote this and is part of a book I'm writing that covers everything wrong with the world and how to fix it. Read on:


It's about time we started living as one
Just think about all things we could get done
If we would only stop fighting and help each other
No matter what your color we're all sisters and brothers

There's so much we could do if we all only tried
Think of all the great people who have already died
There was Kennedy, King, Rabin and so many others
Killed by the sickness of oppressive hunger

Don't hate someone because they don't look or think like you
Learn from our differences it's the smart thing to do
Learn to help one another and give a helping hand
We all must come together like pebbles in the sand

It's what's inside your head and heart that makes what you are

Racism and prejudice leave deep and permanent scars
If you teach your children it's OK to hate
Then you're helping to perpetuate a prejudice state

Stop thinking the world owes something to you
You make your own destiny it's what we all do
For what we do as individuals affects us all
If we don't come together than some day we'll fall

We'll fall from the injustices that prejudice brings
It stops us from achieving much greater things
Think of all the disease's we could probably cure
If the great minds of world walked through the same door

We could probably stop cancer, Aids and hunger as well
It's not a hard concept I'm trying to sell
It's only hard if people refuse to try
Don't fall for the rhetoric of prejudiced lies

So what if someone's not the same as you
Who cares if their religion is different too
Live and let live is the code we should all live by
It's really not that hard if only we'd try

There are racists in the world who are filled with hate
Don't let their distorted views determine your fate
You have Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakan, Al Quida and the KKK
They'd wipe out anyone who doesn't think their way

The governments of the world are as corrupt as can be
They would rather build bombs than help you and me
The seeds of racism will grow much too fast
It seems we don't learn from the mistakes of our past
Terrorists bomb children on their way home from school
Their shot lives wiped out, what did they do?
What did they do to deserve such a fate?
They died for no reason because of someone's hate

To all of you people who rob, rape or kill
Your societies cancer you make us all ill
We're so sick and tired of the havoc you wreak
Upon the innocent people, the strong and the weak

If the good people of the Earth got together as one
You can't even imagine the things that could be done
It's about time we stood up and said no more
It doesn't matter what your color or if your rich or poor

If you think we're the only one's in the whole universe
Then you'd better think hard as you read this next verse
We must come together as one people of the Earth
Call it a new beginning or perhaps a re-birth

If there is life out there we don't know what we'll find
Will they try to help us or destroy mankind?
The farther into space we continue to go
Will teach us many things we'll need to know

What would intelligent life think of us as we now are?
We kill one another and pollute near and far
Would it be worth it for them to come and see
If we could contribute to a universal society?

I truly believe it would take an invasion from outer space
To put all the stupid people of the Earth back in their place
Because if they have the intelligence to get here first
Then they could probably destroy us with just one burst

Is this the legacy destines for mankind?
Is this all we'll have to leave behind?
Or will they be able to see the good in us all?
Will we fall short or will we stand tall?

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few
We can't allow hatred to determine what we do
If you have the guts to just stand up and fight
Then you've opened your eye's and seen the light

It's really up to us it's our destiny to fill
Crime, racism and oppression is all we should kill
Let's all come together and live as one people you and me
I'm willing to try, are you? Let's see.

C2014 Dean P. Messina



@thatmanstu@ARODFAN@Willmac7496@JamesJoyce True. but the culture of committing crimes lies with the education or non education of our youth regardless off social economic backgrounds Just because you're poor doesn't justify an excuse for criminal behavior. I grew up poor but my parents taught me right from wrong and many who are disadvantaged have risen above their circumstances and become upstanding citizens.


@EasyGoer  I'm not talking about 500 years ago - ancient history. These are not my stats but national stats and represent CURRENT society. I HATE all murders committed regardless of race or circumstances. It is the most ignorant thing we do as humans.


@ARODFAN @Willmac7496 @JamesJoyce Observed from an economic standard,you will see that whites are more than represented....lower income environments produce violent crime,regardless of race. 


@ARODFAN @Willmac7496 @JamesJoyce That isn't a racial stat but rather a socioeconomic stat, how could the color of one's skin possible dictate committing more crime? You are racist.


@ARODFAN So, did anyone ever point out the stats for over 500 years, until only very recently, and on 5 continents where the white man killed and stole with impunity and committed a disproportionate amount of crime without ever being held accountable? Very sad but very true.


@RobMonteleone @Willmac7496 @JamesJoyce Would he have said that if the victims and perpetrators were all white? That never happens in the U.S., right? Every day on these sites whenever there's anything involving blacks, there are always those who can only see a racial aspect. No sympathy for the victims, just come on here to show your bigotry. It never ends. RIP to the victims and let's hope they get justice.