Posted December 13, 2013

Florida State’s Jameis Winston wins big in’s 2013 People’s Heisman vote

Heisman Trophy, Jameis Winston
Florida State's Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston got 65 percent of the first place votes in SI’s People’s Heisman poll. (Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

After a dominant redshirt freshman campaign, Jameis Winston appears poised to win the Heisman Trophy on Saturday night. Florida State’s quarterback is already the runaway winner in America’s eyes.

Readers cast more than 380,000 votes over the past week to help Winston capture the top spot in’s annual People’s Heisman poll. Winston earned 789,641 total points, nearly 525,000 more than the runner-up, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron. The votes were tabulated using the traditional Heisman voting formula, which awards three points to first place, two to second and one to third.

Many college football pundits are predicting that Winston will win the Heisman on Saturday in a lopsided vote. If the results of the People’s Heisman voting are any indication, that’s likely to happen. Winston received 253,177 (65.35 percent) of the available 387,418 first place votes, more than three times the number received by McCarron, who finished second with 68,302 first place votes. Auburn running back Tre Mason got the third-most first place votes with 57,709.

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That Winston will win the Heisman is almost a certainty, but it’s anyone’s guess as to how the race behind the Seminoles star will shake out. That held true in the People’s vote, too, where McCarron finished ahead of Mason by just 744 second place votes.

There was a major drop-off after the top three players in the People’s Heisman poll. Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, last season’s winner, finished fourth, with a total of 21,140 points and only 2,266 first place votes.

The results:

1. Jameis Winston (Florida State)

First place votes: 253,177
Second place votes: 11,171
Third place votes: 7,768
Total points: 789,641

2. AJ McCarron (Alabama)

First place votes: 68,302
Second place votes: 21,084
Third place votes: 18,090
Total points: 265,164

3. Tre Mason (Auburn)

First place votes: 57,709
Second place votes: 20,340
Third place votes: 17,691
Total points: 231,498

4. Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M)

First place votes: 2,266
Second place votes: 4,137
Third place votes: 6,068
Total points: 21,140

5. Jordan Lynch (Northern Illinois)

First place votes: 1,889
Second place votes: 2,397
Third place votes: 3,541
Total points: 14,002

6. Andre Williams (Boston College)

First place votes: 1,334
Second place votes: 2,892
Third place votes: 3,893
Total points: 13,679

7. Bryce Petty (Baylor)

First place votes: 804
Second place votes: 1,201
Third place votes: 2,295
Total points: 7,109

8. Other

First place votes: 692
Second place votes: 1,025
Third place votes: 1,585
-Total points: 5,711

9. Marcus Mariota (Oregon)

First place votes: 665
Second place votes: 822
Third place votes: 1,620
Total points: 5,259

10. Derek Carr (Fresno State)

First place votes: 359
Second place votes: 824
Third place votes: 1,371
Total points: 4,096

11. Aaron Donald (Pittsburgh)

First place votes: 221
Second place votes: 657
Third place votes: 819
Total points: 2,796


Jameis winston FOUND GUILTY in the Court of Public Opinion.

Jury polling:
Jury #1. Sports Media. Evidence: allegations from the claimant's attorney.
Jury #2. Mainstream Media. Evidence: reports from the Sports Media.
Jury #3. Athlete Haters. Evidence: from Media reporting.
Jury #4. FSU Haters. Evidence: just because he is good.
Jury #5. Racists. Evidence: he is black therefore he is guilty by association.
Jury #6. High Schoolers. Evidence: none, but it is funny to call him a rapist.
Jury #7. Law Enforcement Haters. Evidence: none, but we know it's a cover-up. Just connect the dots, Athlete+FSU+Police+SA+FDLE+Supporters+Boosters+Governor+whoever=conspiracy.
Jury #8. Pseudo Legal Experts. Evidence: the claimant's attorney said so; and it was reported in the Media. Therefore, it is facts.

We, the jury, find the defendant(even though he is not charged) guilty as charged in the Court of Public Opinion. He shall be branded as a "Rapist" until proven innocent. Even though the evidence in a real Court of Law does not exist, the claimant's attorney should file a civil lawsuit against Mr. Winston(he will be making a lot of money!), the State Attorney Office, the FDLE, the hospital, the cab driver, the bar, the apartment complex and reserve the rights to TBA.

Protestors outside the Court of Public Opinion:
Protestor #1. How can you find someone guilty without any charge? COPO(the Court of public opinion already handed down its Guilty verdict).
Protestor #2. Isn't JW innocent until proven guilty in the Court of Law? It doesn't apply in COPO.
Protestor #3. Why is JW's name released without due process? The Media says its OK.
Protestor #4. What about the SAO & FDLE investigation? Its a conspiracy defended by FSU.
Protestor #5. But the claimant is not credible with her complaint. So? says the claimant's attorney. What does credibility has to do with anything? He raped her. Because I said so.
Protestor #6. What about all those conflicting stories by the claimant? COPO doesn't think it is conflicting. And I told the Media they are not.
Protestor #7. What about the two eyewitnesses? They are not credible because I don't find them credible. Besides, COPO has determined that it is a conspiracy.
Protestor #8. Why are you, the claimant's attorney, are timing all your press releases and press conference around JW's public events? I would not have been a great personal injury attorney if I cannot take advantage of all the free publicity at the expenses of Winton's fame. Won't you?


Here's an interesting peculiarity. FSU's three Heisman winners in succession are:

Ward (1993)

Weinke (1999)

Winston (2013)

All three last names begin with a "W"; the second letter in each name is a vowel beginning and following through with "a", "e", and "i". 

Keeping this going our next Heisman winner should possibly be in 2019 and someone whose last name begins with a "W" and second letter an "o" - wow, I've got waaay too much time on my hands.

Another interesting stat is FSU now has the oldest Heisman trophy winner (Weinke - age 28) and the youngest (Winston - Age 19 and 340 something days )


Who the devil voted for Manziel? He had nowhere near the year he had last year.  Aggie fans...sheesh.


The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity. Winners epitomize great ability combined with diligence, perseverance, and hard work. The Heisman Trophy Trust ensures the continuation and integrity of this award.

Being the subject of a rape investigation sure uphold those standards


It's unlikely that a rapist will not re-commit a crime. I see a major Michael Vick-like incident in his future.


If WInston wins it will be a sad day for collegiate athletics!


Time to rename this the Hypseman Award.  Selection is no longer consistent with the Heisman'spretty clear athletic and character traits.  It is now all about marketing.


Big scam that has everything to do with PR/marketing effort and nothing more.. This has always been the case with the Heisman. Some predictions: (1) Derek Carr will be the best pro of all the quarterbacks who played in college in 2013. (2) Manziel is not nearly as good as advertised. Doubt he'll ever be a consistent starter as a pro.

Very sad state of affairs that an immature scumbag can win the Heisman. Most valuable player, got to laugh! Good luck to him in the pros he'll need it. I'm betting he self destructs before ever playing a down as a pro.


It's a shame he will most likely win the trophy. They may as well trash the award's mission statement and change the name of it to "Heistman". Move over, Cam, there is a new thug in town.


ESPN is already reporting the Heisman belongs to Jameis.  Congratulations!


Interesting that as I followed the "poll" he was behind quite a bit, but suddenly when it was all said and done he won by a landslide.  How did that happen SI, how were we able to click on results and see him behind, and he still wins?


@BuzzFrankacotta rape investigation with no charges even filed.  Screw you dude.  He didn't do anything and is your Heisman winner.


@SQZIt's BEEN all about marketing for awhile now.



Anyone can say anything on these message boards but where will your lil' fairy a$$ be when FSU brings home the natty and Winston goes first round in 2015. So just crawl back under the rock form which you came and try to put the hate away. Doesn't do any good what you're doing.


@jjimbowskiSeems like you are not aware that a pro career is not a qualification for winning the Heisman.


@steveinfoleyYes, it is a shame that the black man was not even charged with rape.  We should've strung him up like the good ol' days.


@CoolWhen I checked in 2 days ago, he was pulling in the lead and took it for good.  You crazy conspiracy theorists!


@Cool Were you maybe checking the second or third place votes?  It showed him as having a pretty huge lead for first place votes for the entire time.


@Cool Yeah. I saw the same thing dude. Pretty shady ...