Posted November 23, 2013

Texas A&M will wear ‘Dark Onyx’ uniforms for Saturday’s game at LSU

SEC, Texas A&M Aggies

Texas A&M will bust out new jerseys for Saturday’s showdown at LSU. The Aggies’ official Twitter account tweeted out photos of the adidas “Dark Onyx” uniforms, which feature a two-tone gray and maroon look. The helmets display the school’s logo inside of an outline of the state of Texas.

The Aggies liked what they saw when they entered the vistors’ locker room at Tiger Stadium.


So who is your team again? You dont get lucky 19 games in a row and put over 500 yds per game every game you sound really dumb. You follow this team and put this only comment on here and you're not even a fan.


NCAA football is NOT a fashion show.  I respect the teams that are able to play with their traditional football uniforms.  I guess the different look did not work for a+m.  I did enjoy watching johnny j@ackass play like he was wearing  six inch pumps on though.  What.....  no 5 TDS (but 3 INTs like against MSU)????  Helps when you are not playing against  a cupcake.!!!!!!!!!!!!  Manziel comes down to three things:

1.  Run around like a chicken with it's head cut off.

2.  Throw up lame ducks and get LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!

3.  A six foot five inch receiver (who could not save him today  : )

NFL......  not so much