Posted November 22, 2013

Earthquake hits Stillwater in advance of Saturday’s Baylor-Oklahoma State game

Baylor Bears, Oklahoma State Cowboys
Boone Pickens Stadium

A 3.7 magnitude earthquake hit six miles from Stillwater, Okla., on Friday morning. (Brett Deering/Getty Images)

Nothing has been able to stop Baylor’s high-octane offense this season. The Bears are averaging 684.8 yards and 61.2 points per game, both first in the nation. But Baylor has yet to face one particularly formidable opponent: Mother Nature.

On Friday morning, News 9 in Oklahoma City reported that a 3.7 magnitude earthquake struck six miles northeast of Stillwater, Okla., the site of Saturday’s matchup between No. 3 Baylor (9-0) and No. 11 Oklahoma State (9-1). This, clearly, is an unprecedented defensive approach engineered by Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy.

Note to Baylor coach Art Briles: Give Nick Saban a call. He probably knew about this earthquake before you did, as he definitely watched the Weather Channel this morning. The Process has a plan to handle everything, except maybe magazine covers.


Yea Rick we get these little shakers all the time the last few years. If Art Briles didn't like that, just wait till tomorrow night bubba.


How often do you have earthquakes in Oklahoma, Cowboy fans? We had one here in Maryland a few years ago and it shocked the hell out of all of us. Are you all used to them, or not?