Posted November 15, 2013

Winston-Salem State QB reportedly attacked by opposing players at banquet

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A Division II conference championship game has been canceled after one team’s starting quarterback was reportedly “beaten up” by opposing players at a banquet.

Winston-Salem State was slated to play Virginia State in Saturday’s CIAA title game. But per a report from John Dell of the Winston-Salem Journal, a fight broke out in the bathroom during a banquet as part of the conference title activities, leading to Winston-Salem State starting quarterback Rudy Johnson being attacked by five Virginia State players.

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

“We don’t know a lot of what happened, but we do know our starting quarterback, Rudy Johnson, was beaten up,” said Chancellor Donald Reaves of WSSU, “and he didn’t beat himself up.”

Johnson, unbeaten as a starter this season, reportedly wouldn’t be able to play Saturday. But after the incident, the game was called off.

Dell reports that Johnson was treated and released from a local hospital. The 6-2 junior from San Diego has thrown for 2,076 yards and 22 touchdowns this season.


The Richie Incognito School of Victory - Attack your enemy in the can.

Word has it, Winston-Salem State will now be named Richie Incognito U with Art Pope as its chief sugar daddy and the Fox Skinhead as its athletic director.


Since the story reports that he was unbeaten as a starter I guess he must have been demoted to second team before this happened ....


@RandySandberg Haha! This one example involving six people from two teams out of literally hundreds of Div I and Div II teams representing tens of thousands of players totally proves that team sports cannot build character! Good observation!