Posted November 10, 2013

Oregon falls to No. 6 in BCS rankings; Alabama, Florida State remain at top

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(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Stanford’s convincing Thursday night win over the Ducks knocked Oregon down to No. 6. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Thanks to an untimely loss on a huge Thursday-night stage, Oregon’s BCS title chances look pretty dim.

The Ducks tumbled all the way to No. 6 in the latest BCS rankings after dropping a rivalry game with Stanford last week. Ohio State replaced Oregon at No. 3 — just behind No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 Florida State — while Stanford (4) and Baylor (5) rounded out the top five.

The complete BCS standings:

1. Alabama
2. Florida State
3. Ohio State
4. Stanford
5. Baylor
6. Oregon
7. Auburn
8. Clemson
9. Missouri
10. South Carolina
11. Texas A&M
12. Oklahoma State
13. UCLA
14 Fresno State
15 Northern Illinois
16. Michigan State
17. UCF
18. Oklahoma
19. Arizona State
20. Louisville
21. LSU
22. Wisconsin
23. Miami
24. Texas
25 Georgia

A few thoughts:

• Only a few weeks ago, Stanford’s hope for a national title berth looked lost after its 27-21 road loss to unranked Utah on Oct. 12. That narrative has shifted after the Cardinal convincingly beat the Ducks — they’ve now hopped Oregon in the BCS standings and sit as the highest-ranked one-loss team. Stanford would need some help for a shot at Pasadena, of course, but a berth in the BCS title game isn’t as unlikely as many thought for coach David Shaw’s program.

• Despite criticism of a soft Big Ten schedule, Ohio State now sits just outside both Alabama and Florida State at No. 3 in the BCS. The Buckeyes enjoyed a bye this past weekend, but Oregon’s loss pushed Urban Meyer’s crew up one spot in the rankings. That movement could be short-lived, however; Ohio State boasts a fairly unimpressive remaining schedule with games against Illinois, Indiana and Michigan. Don’t be surprised if a team like Baylor threatens the Buckeyes’ spot in the rankings. The Bears still must face No. 12 Oklahoma State in a big conference matchup sandwiched between games against Texas Tech and TCU.

• Don’t look now, but here come the Longhorns. Once thought to be dead in the water after dropping two of its first three games, Texas suddenly looks alive after reeling off six straight wins. More importantly, the ‘Horns currently sit atop the Big 12 standings. We’ll see if this ride can continue for Mack Brown’s team after it faces No. 12 Oklahoma State this coming weekend.


Virginia Tech beats us, yet remains unranked.  Finally, some joy in my football life.


However, Oregon has retained their top ranking on Mr. Blackwell's uniform fashion list.


I wish the BIG10 would grow a pair and walk away from the BCS entirely.  The system is a farce.  The "National Champion" title is just that, a title.  Until there is a playoff system (and 4 games is not good enough), college football champions will continue to be hand-picked by ESPN, the owner of the SEC (network).  The whole thing is a joke. 

Ol' Time Gator
Ol' Time Gator

Is there any team in the top 20 who if they had the Ohio State schedule that would not be undefeated?


@C.E.Daly good lord... i wish the big10 faithful would grow a pair and acknowledge how weak of a conference they are right now.  bama, fsu, stanford and oregon would absolutely sodomize ohio state.  every time i see one of these posts like yours, i think to myself "is this person an osu fan or is this someone who hates osu?" otherwise, why wish such an embarrassing fate on the buckeyes?  osu = notre of last year.  be careful what you wish for osu apologists.


@C.E.Daly I truly wish that OSU was in the BCS title game vs Bama so we could finally shut up all these OSU whiners, just like we shut up George Kaplan and the ND fans last year.


I'm not trying to discount FSU because they look tough and are a solid #2, but that ACC schedule is way overrated (read: Clemson). If  Miami's schedule wasn't ALSO a joke, they could drop out of top-25 and then the ACC looks even worse.  Big wins over Nevada and Bethune-Cookman though!!