Posted November 03, 2013

AP Poll: Florida State picking up ground on Alabama and Oregon after Week 10

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Jimbo Fisher's Seminoles are still the No. 3 team in the country after dismantling Miami in Week 10. (Steve Cannon/AP)

Jimbo Fisher’s Seminoles are still the No. 3 team in the country after routing Miami in Week 10. (Steve Cannon/AP)

After Florida State dismantled Miami 41-14 on Saturday to pick up its second win over a top-10 foe, the Seminoles are inching closer to an all-important top-two ranking in the final season before the College Football Playoff. The ‘Noles picked up six first-place votes after handing the Hurricanes their first loss. The latest AP Poll didn’t see much movement as a whole, as the Week 10 slate didn’t offer much in the way of major upsets.

Ohio State routed Purdue 56-0 and remains No. 4 in the rankings. But as long as Alabama, Oregon and Florida State keep winning, it seems unlikely that coach Urban Meyer’s team will crack the top two, regardless of its margin of victory. Further down the poll, Oklahoma State climbed to No. 15 after a 52-34 win over Texas Tech, which fell to No. 25.

The complete AP Poll is below, with first-place votes in parentheses.

1. Alabama (52)
2. Oregon (2)
3. Florida State (6)
4. Ohio State
5. Baylor
6. Stanford
7. Auburn
8. Clemson
9. Missouri
10. LSU
11. Texas A&M
12. Oklahoma
13. South Carolina
14. Miami
15. Oklahoma State
16. UCLA
17. Fresno State
18. Michigan State
19. UCF
20. Louisville
21. Wisconsin
22. Northern Illinois
23. Arizona State
24. Notre Dame
25. Texas Tech

Here are three quick thoughts from this week’s rankings:

• The Hurricanes fell to No. 14 from No. 7 after losing to Florida State, and their drop was largely expected. That said, Saturday’s 41-14 result might have said more about how dominant the Seminoles are in 2013. Florida State continues to look like an elite team, and it’s cutting down any opponent standing in its path.

• Plenty of people will be invested in Thursday night’s Oklahoma-Baylor and Stanford-Oregon matchups. The results all but guarantee some shake-up in the polls (and the BCS standings) after Week 11. This is the time of year when things start to get murky. If Baylor were to dominate Oklahoma, for example, the high-scoring Bears could make a case for national title contention.

• Michigan State jumped to No. 18 after the Spartans’ defense overwhelmed rival Michigan on Saturday. Coach Mark Dantonio’s team is in prime position to win the Big Ten Legends Division and potentially present Ohio State with its toughest test in the Buckeyes’ quest for a second consecutive undefeated season. Even with a shaky offense, the Spartans should be favored in their remaining games against Nebraska (Nov. 16), Northwestern (Nov. 23) and Minnesota (Nov. 23). A potential 11-1 record entering the Big Ten title game would be quite an impressive feat.


I think UA has the hardest road to the title game from here. Two top ten teams and the SEC title game if they win up to that point.

FSU has the easiest....i hope its not, but think it mat end up being FSU and Oregon.



I don't get this, LSU who was idle and coming off an extremely poor loss to Ole Miss moves up 1 spot? How? Their defense is rebuilding this year and no where near as dominant as the previous three seasons. The offense while looking very good through 7 games is coming out of the last two games with at 3 turnovers in each game. I think bama has got to be licking their chops seeing this team come in ranked No. 10 and knowing in reality LSU is no where near that ranking. I guess reputation out weighs performance to the voters, or as Mashley278 would argue it's the SEC nuff said.


As much as I love Navy, Notre Dame should have dropped out of the rankings after the Middies played them score for score, less one. And I hope the voters will stop putting Michigan back in the rankings when they win after a loss. They have NO business in the top 25. 

By the way, speaking of Navy, they clinched the Commander in Chief trophy yesterday with Air Force beating Army. Since Navy has already beaten AF, even a lost to Army, they would retain the trophy.  But I see another whupping of the Black Knights December 14. And, I hope, bowl eligibility.   


FSU's fast defense would smother Oregon


UT has two early losses against winning teams and has beaten OU, not ranked!

A&M has two losses, has not defeated a ranked team and played four horrible out of conference teams, ranked 11.

Texas Tech has beaten no ranked teams and has lost two games in a row, ranked!

The SEC has multiple two loss teams towards the top that can claim no quality victories at all. And then there is Notre Dame...

You know what, why bother commenting on the corrupt politics that is the ranking system, it is a bad joke, Waiting for college basketball season, where what happens on the court decides who the champion is, not uninformed writers.


The coaches poll ranks Texas and Houston ahead of BYU.... a team that beat both of them. Come on coaches.


@6marK6 The rankings are not solely about record. They are about who is number 1,2,15,25 etc.  Yes LSU has 2 loses. I do not see Texas beating LSU. Therefore it makes sense to me that they should be ranked behind LSU.  Texas according to the AP is ranked 26. If they keep winning they will move up. Winning corrects percieved injustices in the poll. I think that NIU fans and Fresno State fans should be more upset than Texas fans. They are undefeated while Texas is not.  As for the rest of the SEC teams that are ranked ahead of UT, name one that without any shred of doubt, Texas can beat.  Yes you beat OU. Good job. Win the rest of your games and I guarantee you will be ranked ahead of most SEC teams.


@jeffcooper71 So you agree LSU is undeserving of being ranked this high? If so, that goes against the Mashley's who argue about the tough schedule bama has to play compared to the other contenders.