Posted October 11, 2013

MAC announces creation of Boca Raton Bowl beginning in 2014

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A newly created bowl game known as the Boca Raton Bowl will take place in Boca Raton, Fla., beginning in 2014. It will pit a Mid-American Conference team against a Conference USA opponent in 2014 and an American Athletic Conference team in 2015, the MAC announced on Friday.

The bowl, owned and operated by ESPN, will take place at FAU Stadium. The pre-Christmas bowl will be televised by ESPN or ESPN2.

“The Mid-American Conference is pleased to partner with ESPN and several other conferences in the creation of the Boca Raton Bowl,” said Dr. Jon Steinbrecher, Mid-American Conference commissioner. “This has all the ingredients for an excellent bowl game: a great location, wonderful facilities for student-athletes and fans and hungry teams. I am eagerly anticipating the inaugural game in December of 2014.”

The Boca Raton Bowl will be initially supported by the MAC from 2014-19, and other conferences will support the bowl on a six-year rotating basis.

Conference USA’s involvement in the Boca Raton Bowl was first reported by’s Jeremy Fowler in May.


This article has been up for hours and no one is making snarky comments?  Perhaps because the reactions are obvious: this is a completely unnecessary bowl that no one will attend but which will fill a few hours of midweek prime time.  The rotation of the conferences ensures this bowl will have no identity at all and mean nothing to anyone.