Posted September 26, 2013

Georgia Tech’s band performs a halftime show called “MATH”

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

What’s that saying about some things being stranger than fiction?

Yup, that’s right, GT had a halftime show in its game against Virginia Tech all about everyone’s favorite subject in school. Why bother pretending to be something you’re not, right?

From the official Georgia Tech band summer newsletter, here’s a description of the show:

The first show will be one we think the Georgia Tech community will love – “MATH”. The first movement is “Numbers” and feature songs with numbers in their titles. The second movement is “Shapes”. This will give us chance to present variety of songs and visual elements dealing with lines, circles, triangles, squares, etc… The final movement will be “Formulaes/ Calculus” exploring a variety of problems you may encounter in your studies.



We are and always will be  . . .  Georgia Tech.   We set precedence, we don't follow.  The band's Budweiser song, at the end of the 3rd quarter, has been a transition for 3 decades and is world-renowned.  I think our band is just fine!  Heck, in my day, a lot of the cheers centered around calculus!  Any GT alum remember the Differential cheer???  THWG !


A few tweets from some dude and a link to a Georgia Tech band newsletter.  Glad to see ol' Martin Rickman putting in the effort to produce this beauty.  Martin must truly cherish the readers of this site.