Posted September 10, 2013

Michigan AD: Wolverines won’t host Michigan State, Ohio State for night games

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Michigan Stadium hosted a record 115,109 people for the Wolverines' night game against Notre Dame on Saturday.

Michigan hosted a record 115,109 people for Saturday night’s game against Notre Dame. (Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Michigan plans to host one night game per year at Michigan Stadium even though its series with Notre Dame has come to an end. But Wolverines’ athletic director Dave Brandon said that game isn’t likely to be against Michigan State or Ohio State, reports

The Big House has hosted only two night games in its history, and both have been against Notre Dame, including the No. 17 Wolverines’ 41-30 win against the No. 14 Fighting Irish last weekend.

Brandon said a night game could be possible against fellow Big Ten foes Nebraska, Penn State, Iowa and Northwestern, but he believes there are too many safety concerns to justify a night game against either the Spartans or the Buckeyes.

“I know how many people get arrested, I know how many people get ejected from the stadium, I know how many people get carted off to the hospital. I know what it is on a typical game and I know what it is on a Michigan State game. And if you took a Michigan State game and moved it to 8 o’clock, you could take what we experience now and maybe double or triple it and I don’t want to do that,” Brandon said. “To me that’s not fun. That’s not what college football should be about.”

The announced crowd at Michigan Stadium on Saturday was 115,109, the largest ever to attend an NCAA or NFL football game. The school hosted 160 recruits across all its varsity sports at the game, and Beyoncé even addressed the crowd at halftime in a pre-recorded video.

But the crowd also gave University of Michigan police an especially busy night, according to the report.

Seventy-two people were ejected from Michigan Stadium on Saturday, and 11 people were arrested. Another 133 people had to be treated by emergency medical personnel and of those 133 people, 21 were taken to the hospital according to University of Michigan Police.


Well at least stop with Noon games. At least move the kickoffs to 1PM or later. This isn't 1960 anymore.


This is all about the older alumni and donors.  He knows they don't mind being up late and sitting in a 70 degree night in September. But a late October/November night? No way.


Fine by me, our Buckeyes one source of repeated Kryptonite seems to be night games.

8pm losses include:

@ Wisconsin in '03
@ Northwestern in '04
@ home vs Texas and @ Penn State in '05
@ Southern Cal and at home against Penn State in '08
@ home vs Southern Cal in '09
@ Wisconsin in '10
@ Miami and Nebraska, 'in 11

If you add bowl games to that as well, you'd have:
'06 NC against Flordia
'07 NC against LSU
'08 Fiesta against Texas

Of those 8pm losses, over half of them were by a TD or less.

There's also quite a few 3:30pm games that were close losses, including that '98 loss to Michigan State with what was arguably one of the best Ohio State teams ever assembled.


Being a Michigan alum and having gone to many of these games - I will say this is a mistake.  At least in the sense of playing OSU in a night game.  Michigan State I could care less - but WHY NOT play Ohio State in a primetime venue with the whole country watching?  

Gotta disagree with you on this one, Brandon.


This is another instance where 75-100 people doing the wrong thing somehow takes precedence over 115,000 people that are just there to watch a good football game.  smh