Posted September 07, 2013

Clemson’s Dabo Swinney reps the ACC hard after Miami’s upset of Florida

ACC, Dabo Swinney
Dabo Swinney

The ACC is off to a hot start following big nonconference wins from Clemson and Miami. (Tyler Smith/Getty Images)

The ACC is enjoying arguably its best season-opening two-week stretch since the league first expanded. Expectations have constantly buried some not-so-championship-caliber contenders in the past, and opening week stinkers have made the ACC a joke too many times. But after Miami’s win over Florida in Week 2 and Clemson’s win over Georgia in Week 1, the league has a couple of reasons to smile. (Plus, no ACC teams lost to an FCS opponent in the first week of the season.)

It’s nice to see Clemson coach Dabo Swinney preening a bit, although he should take a little more care; possible side effects of said gestures include losing to Wake Forest, NC State or Boston College.

Every coach in the ACC should make “The U” sign as often as possible. In line at Subway, flash “The U.” Getting oil changed, give ‘em “The U.” At dinner with the wife, pay with a “The U” credit card.


too much SEC hype anymore - it wont matter if they lose every non-conference game, you have to beat them in the big one before the bandwagoners will shush


@AaronDunckel plus SEC fans (whatever that is) won't admit this simple truth: in the last couple years, it's really just Alabama who is really good.