Posted August 22, 2013

Northwestern to wear all-white uniforms and helmets against Cal

Big Ten, Northwestern Wildcats, Uniforms

By Martin Rickman

Let the flood of uni news wash over you and rejoice for the season is on its way. Next up is Northwestern, which is going the all-white route against Sonny Dykes and Cal.

These are sharp and really stand out. There might be a little novelty in wearing a helmet that hasn’t been worn in over three decades, but it’s the right time for novelty. There’s more hype around Northwestern than there has been in a long time, and the Cats are excited. Here is the uniform in video form:

Baumgaertner: Top 25 team preview: No. 22 Northwestern Wildcats


All white uniforms.  Wow.


I'm amazed that people actually track this sort of thing.  But then....I guess I'm really not.  Too much time on their hands, and mega-piles of data to dissect.  Did you know that the University of Southern North Dakota (at Hupple) has never lost a game in the month of October when they play at home within three days after a rainstorm in Cambridge, Massachusetts?  See, there's all kinds of data out there to check....and I'd use that to place my bet in Vegas!