Posted August 09, 2013

TCU’s Gary Patterson says critical comments not aimed at LSU’s Les Miles

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TCU's Gary Patterson

TCU’s Gary Patterson has made his stance on disciplining players well known in recent days. (Getty Images)

By Zac Ellis

Earlier this week, media reports circulated implying that TCU coach Gary Patterson had criticized LSU coach Les Miles’ approach to disciplining players. Following a team vote, Miles had recently reinstated running back Jeremy Hill, who’d avoided jail time. Patterson, meanwhile, had suspended the Horned Frogs’ best player, Devonte Fields, for two games for violating team policy.

Patterson said Tuesday that he wouldn’t leave a reinstatement decision up to the players:

“My whole team would vote Devonte to be back on the team because they all want to win,” Patterson said on Tuesday. “That doesn’t teach life lessons.”

Patterson’s comments appeared to be aimed at Miles, but Patterson, whose Horned Frogs open the season against LSU on Aug. 31 in Arlington, Texas, said Thursday that his comments were misconstrued, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“I know what I said. I didn’t mention Jeremy Hill. I didn’t mention Les Miles,” Patterson said after Thursday’s practice. “It was more about Devonte Fields. If they want to make something up so they can get all fired up… I can get the same thing when I go home. Everyone can stand in line.”

Patterson said he had no “intention at all of spiting anybody or making anybody look bad.”

“I’m not Babe Ruth. I don’t point at fences,” he said. “Most of the time I play below the water. Anybody who knows me knows that’s way outside of character, so why would I do it now? Why would I call up the Tiger? They don’t need any more help.”

In an effort to clear the air, Patterson reportedly sent Miles a transcript of his post-practice comments from Tuesday in which he allegedly criticized Miles. Patterson and Miles share the same agent, who helped forward the transcript to LSU.


Too late Gary.  Your remarks are plastered all over the bulletin board.  I am sure Jeremy Hill appreciates the incentive.


They should be! One of your players violently assaults somebody with a sucker-punch and you don't punish him at all. Punishing players is what a real coach does. He takes responsibility for the actions of members of his team. He does not pawn it off on the players, that is insane. Name me a high school coach in America that would allow his team to decide if one of his players should be suspended or not for an assault. Real coaches know that part of the responsibility of coaching is holding your players accountable. I had little respect for Miles before this, I have none for him now.


You don't know how Miles plans on discipling Hill, I bet he doesn't play till around the fourth game of the season. Hill made another bad choice for sure but you don't know if this is what its gonna take to turn his life around. Good luck Jeremy Hill get your head srewed on right.


@6marK6   1.) Refer to "parents".  2.) Hill is being punished by local law enforcement and Coach Miles is just dragging the bait along the bottom for swill like you. 3.) Les Miles may or may not announce how he disciplines players.  4.) Which coaches do you know. 5.) If we knew who you were, we may have no respect for you either.  Feel better?

mystafugee 1 Like

@6marK6 Big time college coaching is all about one thing: PR and winning.  Coaches punish or don't punish players base on PR and winning.  If you don't think the first thing a coach thinks about when he hears about a sucker-punch is how much depth and talent do we have at running back, you'd have to be very naive.