Posted August 01, 2013

Georgia’s Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall: Stop calling us ‘Gurshall’

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Todd Gurley; Keith Marshall

Todd Gurley (left) and Keith Marshall would no longer liked to be called ‘Gurshall.’ (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

By Zac Ellis

Georgia’s prolific running back tandem turned more than a few heads in 2012, as then-freshmen Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall combined for 2,144 rushing yards and 25 touchdowns. The duo’s early success pushed both players into the spotlight, inspiring the nickname “Gurshall” among media and fans.

Well apparently no one asked Gurley and Marshall what they thought of the moniker, because they’d like everyone to stop using it. Right now.

As fall camp opened up in Athens on Thursday, the sophomore backs finally made their feelings about the nickname known, according to the Macon (Ga.) Telegraph:

“Sometimes I’ll be out somewhere and someone will be like: ‘What’s up Gurshall?’” Marshall said. “That’s not my name.”


“Football-wise it doesn’t bother me, but I don’t really like being called (Gurshall) outside of that,” Marshall said.


“I feel like at this point it’s inevitable,” he said. “I don’t think it’s ever gonna change.”

Gurley agreed with his backfield mate:

“I never really liked the name,” Gurley said Thursday. “I always said that, since it came up.”

“I don’t like it at all,” Gurley said. “I just don’t.”

So what will fans call Gurley and Marshall now? Marley? Kodd? Football players?

This much is clear: Mark Richt has lost control of his team’s nicknames.


Yeah, it's time to drop it.


I'm with them. After the initial novelty of numbers "3 and 4" and the first/last name thing, it got old. When play by play and colour guys do a game they go over and over the same stale material again and again. Remember how long we were subjected to the litany about Issaiah Crowell leaving the team??? Get some new material guys. Their names are Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall!!! They are not Gurshall...It ain't amusing anymore!