Posted April 18, 2013

New UConn helmets cause much conStorrsnation

Connecticut Huskies, Uniforms

By Holly Anderson

It’s a hard, cold time to be a UConn football fan. Mired in the Big East That Was, they’re staring down a 2013 schedule that includes the likes of Towson, Maryland, Buffalo, South Florida, Temple and Memphis, and they’re going to have to watch their Huskies take the field in these get-ups, which look for all the world as though they are being devoured feet-first by their own mascot:

(This optical illusion will last right up until Week 4, when players are actually physically devoured by Michigan at home.)

Huskies partisans at the inscrutably-named The UConn Blog, which called the new look “A COMPLETE AND TOTAL DISASTER,” are currently voting on whether the new helmets are “the worst thing ever created by human hands.” (There are two poll choices: “Yes” and “Yes.”)

There is one bit of good news out of Storrs today: If you stuck around long enough to see the Huskies’ third alternate helmet, for use in night games this fall, we’re sure you’ll agree it, at least, carries the proper degree of menace:



Scrubby bubbles. Saw the game today against Towson. From the stands, the helmets inkblot is just two large eyes. And the shell game with the helmets solidly confirmed the scrubby bubbles. Sorry UConn it just is, and the team may have been saddled with a nickname not flattering.

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