Posted April 18, 2013

Non-football detour: Clemson asks the important questions

Clemson Tigers, SCIENCE!, Tailgating
Given the general demeanor of Clemson's mascot, we're kind of surprised that's all they found in the beer. (AP)

Given the general demeanor of Clemson’s mascot, we’re kind of surprised that’s all they found in the beer. (AP)

By Holly Anderson

Pertinent excerpts from this AP report on a Clemson study of the dangers of beer pong:

• “More research found that dangerous bacteria such as salmonella, listeria, e. Coli and staph on the balls end up in the beer when players make successful tosses into glasses.”

• “The students found the most extra bacteria — 3 million of the tiny organisms — on balls being used in an outdoor beer pong game. A ball being used in a game played on carpet had 200 bacteria on it.”

• “It’s about the competition of throwing a ball in a cup, not about the alcohol,” Gains said. “We actually threw away a considerable amount of beer at our last tournament.”

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