Posted April 02, 2013

All hail this giant scary lizard

Dangerous Mascots, Graven Idols, TCU Horned Frogs
You see this? This here's a mascot. This is how it's done. (TCU/Keith Robinson)

You see this? This here’s a mascot. This is how it’s done. (TCU/Keith Robinson)

TCU will hold its Spring Frog Fest this Saturday, an event that includes an open football practice, an autograph session, and, more importantly for our purposes, the dedication of the new Horned Frog statue. You remember the new Horned Frog Statue. Somebody go to this thing and tell us whether or not there are hidden valves for it to squirt blood from its eyes. We wait, and hope.

This post is both an excuse to post this astoundingly metal new picture of the statue and a placeholder. We’re taking a couple days off to move to a new city. You will be treated to a little bit of silence, followed by the introduction of our new co-author. Regular posting will resume from us on April 15. Be excellent to each other.


@Nastinchka oh, agreed. The other one is great for comedy purposes. There’s another old one that people rub for good luck on tests.

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