Posted March 21, 2013

Steal This Player: Poaching hoops stars for college football

Flights of Ridiculous Whimsy
Marshall Henderson, we claim you in the sovereign name of America's true national pastime. (AP)

Marshall Henderson, we claim you in the sovereign name of America’s true national pastime. (AP)

Ever been struck by the overwhelming urge to lure a college basketball player into a sport switch? Neither did we, until Marshall Henderson entered our sphere of awareness and captured our attention with the above quote and other capers.

Henderson’s on- and off-court taunting antics would get his touchdowns revoked in an SEC second, and we would pay to see it. Here is an athlete who does not know the meaning of “feelingsball.” How utterly refreshing.

Three more targets after the jump:

• Skylar McBee, Tennessee. It’s mostly the mustache:

And like Henderson, McBee plays on an SEC basketball team, where Lord knows they’re not used to getting positive results out of talented athletes.

• Sim Bhullar, New Mexico State. Sim Bhullar is listed at 7-foot-5, 360 pounds, and is a freshman. QED.

• Russ Smith, Louisville. Rick Pitino said last year that coaching Smith gave him “a nervous breakdown on every possession.” This is the kind of athlete we want at quarterback.

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