Posted March 11, 2013

They’re very fast Bears, see

Cal Bears, Sonny Dykes
Sonny Dykes' Bears will lumber fast. Real fast. (Norbert von der Groeben/

Sonny Dykes’ Bears will lumber fast. Real fast. (Norbert von der Groeben/

We recognize the goofiness of linking out to something on this same website, but we love you and do not want you to miss Stewart Mandel’s account of his visit to Berkeley, where Messrs. Dykes-and-Franklin are tuning up the Bear Raid:

“Air Raid, Bear Raid — when we got here a label was thrown out there because of the [coaching] tree. We don’t identify it that way,” Franklin said. “Run it, throw it, it doesn’t matter, whereas the true Air Raid is, we’re going to throw it no matter what. We’re going to play fast and find a way to put points on the board.”

This is old news for anybody who watched Louisiana Tech’s Kenneth Dixon (and, until his ACL betrayed him, Tevin King) last season, but we’re going to keep calling it that because it’s fun to say “Bear Raid,” if that’s all right with y’all. And now, the Sonny Dykes preseason quote of the year:

“Our way of doing it, I prefer, is to go fast.

You don’t say.

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