Posted March 01, 2013

Marky M back in the college game

FCS, Kansas Jayhawks
Penguins take heed: There's a new, mean deputy sheriff in town. (AP)

Penguins take heed: There’s a new, mean deputy sheriff in town. (AP)

It’s been just more than three years since Mark Mangino resigned from the head coaching position at Kansas, and for his return to college ball, Mangino has selected the program where it all began. Youngstown State, which gave Mangino his first assistant gig back in the late 1980s, has announced the hiring of Mangino to coach tight ends for the Penguins. He’ll also receive the title of assistant head coach and serve as recruiting coordinator. Let this notice also serve as your reminder that Mangino’s Twitter handle is @KeepSawinWood, which will never not be funny.


Keepsawinwood.....ala.....Bill Snyder


That's a heart attack waiting to happen..... sooooo unhealthy.

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