Posted December 03, 2012

A Thousand Points of Spite: Special SECCG Achievement Award

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We want to party with you, Bama bro, and then maybe work up the courage to get a Plants vs. Zombies bicep tat.

Our weekly awards feature is in hibernation following the close of the regular season, but on the MARTA ride to the Georgia Dome we spotted this marvel. Sir Unknown Alabama fan, we do not know you, and will likely never see you again, but you have an Angry Birds pig tattoo the size of a baseball on your neck, and we want to party with you, and then maybe work up the courage to get a Plants vs. Zombies bicep tat, and if you ever wanted to pursue a career as some sort of wacky cult leader, we would at least show up to a couple of your meetings. Thank you for your service, and ROLL TIDE.


I was just told about this!!! I would party with all of you, just dont be scared of my BAMA PRIDE next time! Just say Hey, ROLL TIDE and we are good to go!

SIHolly moderator

 @BACKWOOD We absolutely will. And then you will tell us the story of this magnificent neck art. ROLLTAHD


 @SIHolly Its a balloon thats an angel! The overalls are my game day cloths, they will be worn pround tonight at Smith Ol Bar in Atlanta! Not a Dame will be given, ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!


Another confused Alabama fan.