Posted April 09, 2012

Your Monday Hawgpanky update

Arkansas Razorbacks, Bobby Petrino, Fan Rallies, Sugar Bowl

Circumstances in Fayetteville did not visibly shift over the holiday weekend, but if you’re absolutely desperate for further tidbits:

• Following the accident, Bobby Petrino reportedly asked a bystander not to call 911, and instead contacted a state trooper of his acquaintance to take him to the hospital. Arkansas State Police are investigating the trooper’s involvement.

• Petrino remains on paid leave while AD Jeff Long sorts through the rubble; meanwhile, the Razorbacks are back at practice.

• Misc.: SB Nation’s Jason Kirk makes an actual football-based case for cutting Petrino loose. Arkansas Expats sifts assorted message board rumors. Shelley Smith and a WWL camera crew descended on Fayetteville to gauge fan reaction (warning: unstoppable autoplay video alert).  And that Sugar Bowl cap appears to have served its intended purpose: There will apparently be a pro-Petrino rally in town this evening. No word on any events planned in support of Josh Morgan.

Photo credit: teamcatlab, naturally. 

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