Posted February 13, 2012

Football is back(ish)!


Quarterback Trent Steelman and Army held their first full spring practice on Monday, Feb. 14. (AP)

Those of you who survived your first full weekend without televised NCAA or pro football, take heart: The stalwart Black Knights are already back at it, working to bring the game to you. Army held its first “spring” walk-through Saturday and began full practice Monday morning at West Point’s Foley Athletic Center. The team’s official website reports the team is stressing fundamentals, not a bad strategy for a squad that ranked 108th in turnover margin, 100th in rushing defense and 113th in both punt and kick returns in 2011. (Don’t expect to see the needle move much on that No. 120 passing offense ranking, however. This is still Army, and the Black Knights will fight you on the ground, thankyouverymuch.)

The natural maturation of last year’s lopsidedly green crop of starters should help, as should the continued presence of veteran quarterback and all-time Outstanding Football Name champion TRENT STEELMAN (whose name must always be written in all caps, always). But whatever coalescing needs to be done had best be accomplished in camp: The Black Knights kick off their 2012 schedule against the not-inconsiderable talents of San Diego State and Northern Illinois. And if you’d like to cheer them on their way, start making your TRENT STEELMAN pun-based College Gameday signs, or just do some spring tailgate conditioning — Army will play its spring game in what is technically still winter (albeit Georgia winter, which barely counts) on Friday, March 9 at Fort Benning’s Doughboy Stadium. The offseason doesn’t seem quite so interminable with less than a month until the first kickoff, right?